I have finally returned to my helm in the studio. I am almost back! I’m NOT writing a chapter of the manuscript or a SPEC page a day like before the biking accident you all know about, but I am writing a few chapters/scenes a week.

Completed in 2012 – The Santa Claus Killer: Available at B&N, Books-A-Million, Amazon and most bookstores worldwide. You can pick up your copy in Hardcover or paperback or download the audio-book or e-book.

Completed in 2013 – Cataclysm: Available at B&N, Amazon, Books-A-Milion and most bookstores around the world, you can pick up your copy in Hardcover & paperback or download the E-book.

Four year accident recovery….

Completed in 2017: My four year struggle to research, storyboard and write my 450-page EPIC, Monsters in the Woods… currently being shopped by my NYC and UK literary agents.

2018 Works in progress: My 4th novel, a 500 page Horror novel.. Beach Bodies, book #2 of The FBI Serial Killer Task Force.

2018 Planned: Adapting for film… my Emmy Swag intellectual property, The Santa Claus Killer.

On the board for 2019: Working Titles: Destiny or Survivor. This is my 5th book and 600-page biography and the much anticipated adaptation from the screenplay of the same name, DESTINY. This book tells the tale of surviving abandonment by my mother on the streets of Times Square at eight years old, growing up in the 1970s on the streets, joining a gang, getting hooked on numerous and different drugs, overdosing, dying and coming back to life, robbing a bank and spending the next twenty years in prison before finally getting out, writing my screenplays, getting noticed but then getting seriously hurt in a bicycle accident. It also tells the story of overcoming adversity, for me… ten surgeries and then finally trying to restore my career with a global book tour. The ending has a nice twist which will make you smile in this bad boy does good thrilling tale.

Updated by the author: 1/20/2018