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The Day After Roswell

ACTUAL U.S. Army photographs of an interplanetary flying disc confirmed by full bird colonel, Philip James Corso (May 22, 1915–July 16, 1998). Just prior to his death, he broke the silence and published “The Day After Roswell” in 1997, confirming his involvement in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

DYLAN ROOF: Sentenced to Death!

Hey guys, hope ur having a great Spring 2019. Usually, I try not to share my personal political views… whether that’s got to do with actual politics or that of life. However, obviously… I am breaking my silence on one hell of a horrid crime. In the usual circumstances of this thing we call life, I would tell you I’m a staunch supporter of all life and that normally I am against death sentences. I am generally against it and believe if it is going to be used, then only the most depraved, psychotic and dangerous should receive the ultimate punishment. Nobody fits the mold as well as serial killer Dylan Roof! He’s the embodiment of bad… an exceptionally sick puppy. What he did is and will always be inexcusable, an act filled with hate and anger. If anyone deserves to die, I suppose it’s him. Imagine for a moment what those beautiful souls thought the day this animal walked into their church with murder in his stare. Don’t let the young face fool you, everything you need to know about any monster is set in the eyes. It is the stare of a madman. – RJ

Created: 3 May 2019 


The Looming End of Mankind

Every New Year’s Eve we make very reasonable and attainable bets with ourselves that we’ll gladly change something we don’t like about ourselves. We stare in the mirror and promise to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. But let’s face it, Christmas is merely a consumer trap perpetuated by American companies selling Chinese crap. It’s the time of year for illusions and dirty tricks thrown at three-hundred and fifty million Americans who hope against hope…. to prosper, live free and make the most of their limited time here on the little blue planet we call home. I’m almost certain, though, considering all the complex things I’ve learned in my fifty-three years of life; the timeline of humanity includes the very real fact that an alien race has consistently intervened in the course of human evolution. Despite this, we are populating the Earth at an unsustainable rate. Virginia beach there are 7.5 billion Humans here at home. The real question is: How many people can the planet really support? Right now, in the Spring of 2019,   humanity is ranked number one of the large mammals on Earth in geological history. Can our home support this kind of growth? If we ignore this issue and kick it down the road for our kids and grand-kids to deal with. That’s always been the way our country has worked. If one might push off an important issue until tomorrow, that’s what we usually do. Unfortunately, it is not our generation who will pay the price for our 20th-century’s reckless behavior that we knew all along was killing the Earth. We are the last great generation, a time in history when we’ve been able to enjoy the ocean, woods, and beaches without regard for health or safety issues. Now, everything is polluted. Our grandchildren will no longer be able to live along the East Coast from Florida to Main and Gulf Coasts from Texas to the Naples.

GONE: New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Georgia, The Carolinas, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Manhattan, Boston.

Red: three-foot sea level rise

The rising sea level will destroy ten-percent of land in two-hundred cities of the United States by 2050 no matter what countries do to try and stave it off. We killed Earth!

As I have written many times previously, our offspring will be living in a very different reality. As the visual aid above shows, the entire East Coast will no longer be survivable since it will be under two-to-three feet of seawater. That’s a problem for the state of Florida. The Sunshine State sits at sea level, so imagine another three feet of seawater rise. Millions of people will be displaced. Hundreds of billions of dollars will be lost. Hundreds of thousands of Florida’s small businesses and just as many homes will be underwater. The only good news here is that the destruction of coastal cities will continue slowly over time. That means, there is plenty of advance warning. However, right now in 2019 the building boom on Miami Beach. Companies are still building beachfront skyscraper condos like everything is okay. It’s insane.

We must immediately manage population growth. Global resources will easily become depleted and we’ll all starve and perish due to dehydration and lack of drinking water. There is only so much fresh drinkable water on this little blue planet we call home. Right now, myriad countries face shortages of food, medicine, and power. Their lands are disappearing from the planet. We have spent the 70s, 80s, 90s, and so far this decade wasting precious time on whether or not global warming is real. Really? Have you seen the north and south poles melting. Now, ask yourself this:

“Have I ever seen this before in my life?

I haven’t. We need world everyone on the planet. To conceptualize this argument, suppose Donald Trump gave every person on Earth a dime, then doubled it the following year and each year thereafter. How long do you suppose his ten-billion-dollar net worth would last? It’s the same with natural resources, there is only so much wood, gas, coal, oil, food, and water available. Once it is all gone, it’s done and we can’t bring any of it back. we won’t survive as a species. Right now, 99-percent of all life once here on Earth is extinct. The oceans have been depleted, the ozone layer is screwed and greenhouse gasses are heating the planet to a point where soon… the Earth will be uninhabitable.

There were ONE BILLION people on Earth-One in the 1800s. That doubled in just 300 years. From two-billion in 1927, it kept doubling. and in 1974  it again doubled. We ARE in serious trouble. The population of Earth is projected to reach eight-billion by 2023 and twelve-billion by 2100. At the same time, we’re consuming and polluting our own resources–the aquifers and ice caps, fertile soil, forests, fisheries, and oceans. We’ve ruined all of it. The Earth is dying.

Think about this: our planet has 1.9 hectares of land per person for growing food, textiles, clothing, wood and waste. The average American uses about 9.7 hectares. Earth can only support one-fifth of the present population, That’s the facts. Every living thing on the planet requires clean water and we each need at least a gallon of water every day. Americans use three-hundred and fifty-five-billion gallons of water a year. Half is used to generate electricity, a lot goes to irrigation, and millions of gallons is wasted flushing toilets, washing clothes, cleaning dishes and watering lawns. We should be ashamed of ourselves.


If the current population of 7.5 billion people consumed water at American levels, we’d use more than a cubic kilometer per year. The world supply is ninety-thousand cubic kilometers. In ten years, Earth will run out of the water. More than two billion people on Earth lack clean drinking water right now. Close to five-billion people lack sanitation and that my friends causes the water to be contaminated with all kinds of pathogens, fertilizer, insecticide runoff, heavy metals.

Water and food are immediate human necessities. Doubling food production would defer the problems of present-day birth rates for MAYBE a few decades. We are drawing down the “savings account” of non-renewable resources, including fertile topsoil, drinkable water, forests, fisheries, and petroleum. Bottom line? It’s already too late to reverse our demise. Perhaps, if each country followed China’s “One Child Per Couple Legislation” we’d save ourselves from overpopulation.

However, I don’t have to tell you, the need to reproduce is among the strongest of human desires. We cannot magically hope natural resources into existence. Adults have to choose between the status quo or to bravely undertake new measures to save mankind. Unfortunately, the only way to save our future generations is to limit reproduction. Once Earth’s population reaches twelve-billion, the planet will fail to provide enough resources to sustain humanity.

The way things look right now, humanity is in BIG trouble. – RJ Smith

updated: 22 April  2019

South Carolina Death Row

The Killer Species of Man

The Author in Spring 2019

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a few fishermen from the small inlet Canadian town of North Lake where Blue Fin Tuna used to spawn in the millions. With the explosion of raw fish or sushi, we are witnessing the global depletion of global fish stocks and the decline in fisheries. Most important is the survival of the species, but humans care very little about conservation. One of the biggest arguments I heard during my conversation with wharfmaster McCarty, generational fishermen who say “this is my business, I put food on the table for my family, my kids will grow up in the industry, it’s our way of life.”

Unfortunately, this is far from a new argument. We’ve all heard similar defenses when speaking to hunters of every type. Almost always they claim if hunting didn’t exist they’d be homeless. C’mon? Really? At some point, we have to accept responsibility. In our lifetime, more animals have gone extinct than from the asteroid strike that killed the dinosaurs.  Think about that for a moment. We are literally killing nature! It has become so bad that most of the biggest game once found on Earth has been relegated to the Natural Museum. Extinction is happening all around us. The Earth is dying. How much longer will the Senate and Congress be distraught over an election and get down to brass tacks?

In 2018, three-bird species have vanished from the planet. The Earth is losing animal species at ten-thousand times the natural rate! Unlike the mass extinctions seen in the past, our current extinction crisis is caused entirely by our own activities. No matter your politics, common sense tells us that the loss of wildlife habitats are thinning out and we are directly responsible for over-hunting, over-fishing, and outright cruelty of animals. As much as thirty-to-sixty percent of the planet’s species WILL BE extinct by 2050 according to the  Center for Biological Diversity. Five-species a year are disappearing from the face of the Earth. We are witnessing the sixth wave of extinction in the past half-billion years, the most recent being the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years into the past.

In 2018, Hawaii’s Po’ouli bird population went extinct, the species’ chance bouncing back is less than 0.1 percent. They’re gone, we’ve eliminated their environment, cut down the trees, cleared woodlands. The songbird was just identified forty-five years ago and already we’ve destroyed their population. How and why has this happened? They were hunted by mongooses, cats, and rats, and mosquito-spread diseases were factors in the Po’ouli’s extinction. The Alagoas Foliage-gleaner, another songbird, made the dense forest in northeastern Brazil home before the total deforestation sent the population into a tailspin.

The Vaquita Porpoise was discovered in 1958 – Now, just sixty years later, the World Wildlife Foundation expects the dolphin to go extinct in the next few years. With less than thirty remaining in the wild, it is most probably the world’s rarest marine mammal. The vaquita is the smallest cetacean species in the northern Gulf of California. How is it going extinct? The vaquita extinction is entirely a manmade disaster brought-on due to being caught and drowned in illegal gillnet fishing equipment. Vaquita was the only porpoise species that lived in the warm waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Northern White RhinoIn March 2018, Sudan, the last remaining male northern white rhino, died at the age of 45. With Sudan’s passing, the total number remaining northern white rhinos dropped to just two — both of which are female and incapable of natural reproduction, according to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.Scientists have found that assisted reproduction is possible, but the fate of the subspecies relies on expensive and difficult procedures never before used in rhinos.The population’s decline was caused by extensive poaching for their horns

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